Home with Johnny and Cabbage Rolls

This post is for my first assignment in Photo 101. The task for me today is convey the theme of “Home,” I saw the Photo 101 post and thought it would be something I could learn from. I will post a new image every day for 30 days, and hopefully gain knowledge, tips, and ideas along the way. Plus, it will be cool to meet others that share the same passion I do. 🙂 If you are reading this, join the group!

I’ve lived in the same area of Central Florida my entire life. Being from here, I know the back roads as well as the tourist spots.. I’ve seen dirt roads turn into 4 lane means of travel, and stop signs turn into stop lights every 1/2 mile on the main road. It’s crazy. We are surrounded by water, both salt and fresh, My playground is a wildlife refuge, and I cherish it as much as the air I breathe.

I will show you all of it. And you will love it too, I promise.  But I have to go home to leave home, right? Right. 🙂 So let’s post today’s assignment.

Allow me to introduce you to Johnny. I got off work this afternoon, and with the recent cold spell we had this weekend, he decided to surprise me with Cabbage Rolls.

Cabbage Rolls

This is home to me.  As soon as we eat, maybe we can run out to the refuge.


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