Howdy and Happy Saturday

Hi! I hope you had a good week; time to unwind and take some down time. Yesterday was my birthday, and Johnny blew me out of the water with a GoPro. I’ve been wanting one for the longest time, and after I got through the box of a million accessories, I realized that although compact in size, this lil guy has tremendous capability. Β I figured out how to download the app to my fone, so I can dictate whether the mode will be movie, image, burst, etc. Β and we went out to the refuge. All I have is this one image right now, but I like it. πŸ™‚

Goin out to the NOTU and the Refuge again today, to practice. Β I hope you have a great weekend.

GOPRO at dusk


8 thoughts on “Howdy and Happy Saturday”

    1. Hi @Bamarn13. I don’t know if I know enough about the GoPro to write a review, but I will be happy to tell you what I know. πŸ™‚ The Hero3+ has a lot of capabilities that I won’t be able to use now. While I am stuck in being able to use the 1080p hd resolution to film and view, it has capabilities all the way to 4k.You can film in that mode, but if you don’t have a television or computer capable of rendering the video in real time, it will look as though it is in slo-mo. I learned this the first day. It is capable of shooting still images, one at a time, all the way to 30 frames per second. While only 12 megapixel, the camera has a mode called ProTune, which is capable of cinema quality videp for professional productions; hence the 4k capability. I doubt I will ever be able to use that mode, but if you watch shows like wicked tuna or Swamp People, you will see how the pros use it. It has a verrry wide field of view and shoots in low light. Its is also capable of time lapse photography, from .05 to 60 second intervals. I’ve shot some video of band practice, and still. I have a normal hd tv with 1080p, and it is very pleasing. The sound dubs well with the video, and the buffering is fast enough to be able to watch the video. One negative is when it is in the case, the volume takes a pretty big hit. It is much better out of the box if you want to film music or sound. The thing I LOVE is the APP I downloaded from the play store for my Galaxy cell phone.. I can control everything from my phone from up to 600 feet. Bluetooth allows me to choose video, or camera; stop or start, and playback from my device. Waterproof to 131 feet, and winds up to 100MPH, I can and will take it everywhere. The battery lasts much longer than i thought it would, and the mini sd card that came with it is fast enough to do video. I got a plethora of attachments with the unit,, mounts, buckles, arms, head strap, chest strap and wi-fi remote. I will let you know more as I learn. Thinking of getting one? Do it.


      1. I was thinking of getting one and using it for my scuba dives. Didnt realize it went to 131 feet! That will make me buy one for sure! The app sounds really cool to me too. Although i have an iphone it would be cool to finally get some pics of hummingbirds i have at my feeders. Would work for my kayaking trips too i think. Yes i will be going to REI tomorrow and checking it out. Thanks so much for the info. And see? You can write a review too πŸ™‚

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