Bringing Johnny into the world of 1080p

Where the heck have I been and how did this blog die after such serious dedication? I dunno. Life. It’s hectic and the subliminal pressure of the holiday takes it’s toll on me anymore. Time I get home, it’s time to gather something to fix for supper. Or hurry up and get a jacket and run out to the river to soak bait until the day is absolved with the setting sun. Or this last week, melancholy cloud cover. And cold. I hate cold. That’s why I live in Florida. All my life. Never seen snow. There is a reason for that. The cold. I hate it. Nice to look at the Alaska show on TV. But its on TV. The tv is in my living room. In Florida. It’s warm.

The holiday is almost here.  I know we are in the minority as far as getting excited about the holiday coming up; don’t get me wrong, I cant wait for the week off I am granted every year. I just do not like the “go out and spend every dime you have on an obligatory gift” that is anymore the norm. Two people that spend every day together and buy what they want through the year describes us. We both work for a living, so you know we are not rollin in cash. But we live a very nice, comfortable life. We live simply. If we want something, we get it. And we appreciate things. And each other. 🙂

Like a new tv. I wanted a hd tv. He bought one a couple years ago from a friend who was going through a divorce, and compared to the Emerson tv with the VHS and dvd slots on the bottom of the unit, the 720 hd was cool to him, That is his idea of hd. “We have a TV!”  Bless his heart. My  GoPro camera will record and play in 4k, and the 720 just wasnt getting the job done.

He is old school, and refuses to replace anything until it is past dead. We do a lot of shopping at the antique store across the road. Like, for a flour sifter. The round rusty one with a wooden tipped handle that shakes the flour through the screen.


A covered cake platter. Aluminum. Like the flower club ladies would bring to luncheons. . A vegetable peeler. You remember the aluminum one that would wobble, but had blades sharp as a Mandoline? Hours have been lost in that shop. The lady there loves him. No wonder. I am sure he has contributed more to her bank account than her ex husband who has to pay alimony.  He went through three percolater coffee pots before I stepped in and bought a Bunn. They would work fo a while, but at $30-$40 each, it was getting expensive to brew coffee in a 1960 era coffee maker. It smelled divine, i have to agree with him on that. And it was hot. When i say hot, i mean like 150 degrees. Not energy efficient or time friendly, the asbestos shrouded cord with a ceramic slot by the plug is a tell-tale sign of that. Coffee was good though.He was aghast at the Bunn. Insulted even. Still grumbles now and then. But I’m good with 10 cups of hot joe in 3 minutes.

Coffee makers

I tried to tell him it was a sign of personal growth to explore new avenues. He thinks personal growth  is being able to use 1960 era equipment to accomplish 2014 tasks. Struggling with anything and accomplishing the goal is his idea of growth. Accomplishing the impossible is cool. But for me, it does not always have to be the hard way.

So you can begin to see the spot I am in. Not a bad spot. Just living with a man that will resist change ( I.E. stepping into the year 2000, let alone 2014) can be a difficult fence to walk on at times. Love him with all my heart. But…….

I made a deal with Johnny. I told him that I was going to go get us a tv and that would be Christmas. If he moaned, growled, complained, even raised an eyebrow, I would decorate every single inch of our living quarters with holiday themes. He doesn’t want a tree. He never does. The apartment is small enough, and a tree is cumbersome. I love the lights. The pine scent. I dont mind the needles, although they do haunt us for months. Last year i put up a small tree. Three footer. In a corner. given to me by a lady at work whose mom had it. for years. The mom died, and she gave it to me. Subliminal guilt. “Here is my moms tree. Use it and give it a good home.” Shoulda said right then and there I didn’t want the beat up thing. Hey! She didnt either!  Hell, she gave it to me!!! And we are not close friends. i think coz her leg hurts, she didnt want to take it out to the dumpster. Maybe she thot she would put it up at work, and realized that would be a lost cause. Anyways..I didn’t make it gaudy, A few lights.Some decorations.  He finally quit grumbling when he saw I was happy with the little Charlie Brown, bent up pieces of wire.

I bought the tv Thursday. Living hell of a nightmare. Started at Target. I would pick a tv I wanted. Go find a worker to see if they had it. 15 minutes later they come back and say of course they don’t. Not to be deterred, I would pick out another one. Same thing.” Yes we have it on display. No we dont have one available”. This was Target. Went to Walmart. OMG. Thought I had it made. Not many people in the electronics department. I picked out a tv. Asked someone to check on it. Another 15 minutes later they haven’t come back.

I had an idea. I called the store. Operator welcomes me to Walmart. I ask her to connect me to electronics. I see the girl answer the phone. I ask for help at the tv’s. . I tell her to turn around and I wave at her. She says she will send someone over. Lol. She was not happy. Sheesh. Still took a little bit. A lady shows up and I show her the tv I want, and she disappears to see if they have it.. 10 minutes later she brings it back. With a huge gouge on the side. Like a forklift gouge. “Really?” “What, you don’t want it? I had to load it by myself ! ”  Oh. I see. Because i don’t want a forklift damaged tv you bring out, I am a difficutl custormer. I asked her to go see if they had a different one. Gone. Like the wind. Never to be seen again. Something happens when the Walmart people go into the room behind layaway where the tv’s are. They never come back. I call the store. Again. Same thing. Connect me to electronics please. Send help to electronics please. Argggg. Then I see it. On the other side of the department. Like 20 Tv’s. On a shelf/ display.  PAYDIRT BABY!!!!! HA! The girl in the abyss that isn’t coming back must have forgot about the DISPLAY with 20 TV”S !!!  I saw a guy walking,thru the department, and asked him to help me get it down. He obliged, and then I dragged it to the hunting department. Found a lady waiting for her husband to decide betweeneTrilene and Cajun Red fishing line; I knew that decision would give me enuff time to get a big cart from the garden department. I gave her the “can ya help me out here?” sad look, and she nodded. I told her id be rite back, and when I came back with the cart, she helped me load the box. Bless her heart.

The kid from the garden shop helped me load the box in the back of my truck, and I took it home. Proud as a peacock, I called Johnny and asked him to get rid of the Emerson.When I got home I asked him to come help me drag this box in. Instant resistance.” It’s too late, You arent going to do that tonight, are you? It’s getting late.” I steeled myself and calmly told him I would have it going in 15 minutes. To let him be involved, I threw him the remote and asked him to put in the batteries., I figured that would keep him busy while I put the stand together. After everything was done, I turned it on. He was overwhelmed. Big box. Vibrant colors. 50 inches of lcd lights and surround sound. HD. Thank God football was on. I flipped it there. He didn’t say a word. As Arizona whipped the The Rams, I saw the transformation. He eventually mustered “that’s a real nice picture Sue.” (Sue is my serious name; used to make a point or ask a life or death question, usually). Then, as I began to wallow in my victory, he announced he was going to bed. Lol.  End of story.

Now, in closing, don’t come beef with me about holiday workers, excuses for poor service at Walmart, or anything else you may have taken offense at that I wrote. I don’t want to hear it. Everything I said is true. And let me finish by saying I too have worked retail, so I get it.

Have a great weekend.



7 thoughts on “Bringing Johnny into the world of 1080p”

    1. Hi desley! how ya been doll? 🙂 lol. Glad you like it. 3D must be the bomb. Do u have to wear glasses? Like in the theater?
      I like it fine; he is still pouty. lol.. handed me the remote this morning to ” turn it down, please”. big brown pupply dog eyes………………….. “rolling my eyes”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Heh heh. How do you cope? He sounds adorable.
        I’ve been well, busy flying around the country.
        Yes, glasses required, but they are electronic and pretty comfortable. Although not comfortably pretty LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

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