Toshiba Sucks

I just got a phone call from Ari, who works for Toshiba. He did try to do everything he could to help me today. He even offered free shipping, and told me they have a data backup unit for a fee. I am just over the whole thing at this point, and instead of being without a computer for two to three weeks, and risk having to pay more out of pocket, Im just going to look for another one.

Krosscourt / Susan Ross

Johnny bought me a Toshiba Satellite C75-D laptop in December. As most of you know, the 17′ screen, HD display, 8 gigs of memory and 500 gig hard-drive would be handy and fast enough for me to follow my photography passion. And it did. I loved it.

Then. On the advice of friends, I bought an external hard drive  to copy the images to. That way, if there is a hard-drive failure, I won’t lose my work. And, image files are large, so if they are stored on the external, it won’t bog down the surprisingly slow laptop.  Handy little 3T stand alone. Toshiba as well. I backed up the majority of the images on the laptop in one fell swoop. About 300 gigs, give or take. Worked flawlessly. And fast. I loved it. Back up the laptop onto a lil black box I could store and not have to wait…

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