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I haven’t ever had a blog, so I’m not sure how this is going to go. Keeping up with it may be more of a challenge than I will keep up with, but we will see. I am looking for a way to share images I take as a recreational photographer, hoping along the way to make a sale. In the meantime, let me share the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge with you until you can make the trip.


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  1. Oops, I just read the comment above! … In a recent post, I mentioned your blog as part of my own nomination for a Liebster Award. I noted that many of the blogs I love do not meet the Liebster requirement of having fewer than 200 readers, some are long-established and some are brand new, but if the question is who inspires me, amuses me, or makes me think, then your blog is on my short list at the moment. Consider yourself a Liebster nominee and feel free to write something about yourself and pass it on, or just feel the love and ignore the assignment!


  2. It looks like Merritt Island Natural Wildlife Refuge gives you some wonderful opportunities to photograph birds.
    Thanks for spending time looking at my blog and specifically at the Landscape exhibit held in Taiwan.
    Best with all your photographic endeavors.

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    1. While I grew up here, I had no idea what a treasure was 3 miles from the house. Youth has a way of shielding the gifts that abound, and the refuge was no exception. During the last few years, it seems as though there have only been a handful of days that i have not been awed by the ever changing beauty as I surround myself with the waters and those inhabitants that happen to be there on any given day. It is truly my piece of heaven, and I humbly know that I am one of few that was able to attain “My happy place.” 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time. Best regards, and please tell your talented wife I am jealous of her artistic abilities and her way of transforming nature with her hands. Wow.. She is somethin else!


      1. I will be pleased to tell here. Wild life refuges like Merritt Island are places we like to go to. Some have artist residencies. The wetlands of the international sculpture project in Taiwan she has been working for 6 years is developing into bird sanctuary. Fire Island National Seashore – Watch Hill also has wildlife refuge. We’ve been fortunate to have visited many environmentally sensitive places.
        Oh, we also lived in Fellsmere for over three years while I directed the Vero Beach Center for the Arts now Museum.
        I’ll look forward to seeing more of your images.


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