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Hi !!

I’ve been gone for a while, and I wanted to pop in and say “Hi!”  Central Florida has seen most of summer, and as the days are getting shorter, we face Daylight Savings time. For the record, if i was in charge of “stuff” for a day, DST would be one thing I would do away with. Anyways….

I saw a few migratory birds this week, and am starting to get excited about the winter flocks arriving to spend their winter with us. I can’t wait for them to show up in force.

Look how the baby Spoonbill is nestled against the Big Pelican
Look how the baby Spoonbill is nestled against the Big Pelican

As you know, my Tampa Bay Rays did not make it to the games-afters. Maybe next year. GO RAYS!!

Maybe next year..............
Maybe next year…………..

I had some fun at the river when the fish were’nt biting.

Kinda NASAish
Kinda NASAish

I saw a water tower being constructed. Very cool.

I have NEVER seen so much scaffolding
I have NEVER seen so much scaffolding

I had the good luck to see a beautiful moment when a fledgling tried to convinve Mama that she should still indulge the whims of the baby.

Babies will be babies..........
Babies will be babies……….

I had some fun with brushes and fractals

I love this one
I love this one
Blue field
I thought, “Why not?”
Math can be so pretty

I will only show one more image, the most recent. While the Mullet run is almost over, I did happen to find a few stragglers this weekend.

Not often do you see this
Not often do you see this

That’s all for now. Thanks for taking the time to look, and I hope I can find the time to come back a bit more often.



Go Pro Beach images to help me bake


Yeah. I got started making sugar cookies today, and Johnny went surf fishing. He got nothin.  Nada. One Whiting. Same as yesterday. I told him it was too cold. He didn’t listen. Took all of two hours for him to come back home. Lol…………..

I’m taking a break from baking and looking at images. Found a couple, three to keep me baking, and not loading up and runnin out there. Thot you may like to see last weekend.  Still usin the Go Pro. Love that little powerhouse.

Wide angle

Just me


I had high hopes for the last edit in black and white, but it just isn’t workin for me.

Couple more with the Canon…………………… I’m starting to feel a lil better…. 🙂



Allllll right, Back to icing one million cookies. I feel better now. A little water always helps.  🙂