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Hi !!

I’ve been gone for a while, and I wanted to pop in and say “Hi!”  Central Florida has seen most of summer, and as the days are getting shorter, we face Daylight Savings time. For the record, if i was in charge of “stuff” for a day, DST would be one thing I would do away with. Anyways….

I saw a few migratory birds this week, and am starting to get excited about the winter flocks arriving to spend their winter with us. I can’t wait for them to show up in force.

Look how the baby Spoonbill is nestled against the Big Pelican
Look how the baby Spoonbill is nestled against the Big Pelican

As you know, my Tampa Bay Rays did not make it to the games-afters. Maybe next year. GO RAYS!!

Maybe next year..............
Maybe next year…………..

I had some fun at the river when the fish were’nt biting.

Kinda NASAish
Kinda NASAish

I saw a water tower being constructed. Very cool.

I have NEVER seen so much scaffolding
I have NEVER seen so much scaffolding

I had the good luck to see a beautiful moment when a fledgling tried to convinve Mama that she should still indulge the whims of the baby.

Babies will be babies..........
Babies will be babies……….

I had some fun with brushes and fractals

I love this one
I love this one
Blue field
I thought, “Why not?”
Math can be so pretty

I will only show one more image, the most recent. While the Mullet run is almost over, I did happen to find a few stragglers this weekend.

Not often do you see this
Not often do you see this

That’s all for now. Thanks for taking the time to look, and I hope I can find the time to come back a bit more often.



Who’s going to watch SHARK WEEK?

Krosscourt / Susan Ross

She didn't even notice; she was on her phone. LOL She didn’t even notice; she was on her phone. LOL

I love this time of year. While it is kinda scary, I like to see if Central Florida ever makes a mention. We do have a Great White that frequents the Port Canaveral Area. And I love tracking them through OCEARCH ORG. REAL TIME TRACKING. Check it out tonight on NAT GEO

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Toshiba Sucks

I just got a phone call from Ari, who works for Toshiba. He did try to do everything he could to help me today. He even offered free shipping, and told me they have a data backup unit for a fee. I am just over the whole thing at this point, and instead of being without a computer for two to three weeks, and risk having to pay more out of pocket, Im just going to look for another one.

Krosscourt / Susan Ross

Johnny bought me a Toshiba Satellite C75-D laptop in December. As most of you know, the 17′ screen, HD display, 8 gigs of memory and 500 gig hard-drive would be handy and fast enough for me to follow my photography passion. And it did. I loved it.

Then. On the advice of friends, I bought an external hard drive  to copy the images to. That way, if there is a hard-drive failure, I won’t lose my work. And, image files are large, so if they are stored on the external, it won’t bog down the surprisingly slow laptop.  Handy little 3T stand alone. Toshiba as well. I backed up the majority of the images on the laptop in one fell swoop. About 300 gigs, give or take. Worked flawlessly. And fast. I loved it. Back up the laptop onto a lil black box I could store and not have to wait…

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Tico Airshow Images

If I was rich, I do believe I would be an airshow follower. Or whatever those people are called that go to all the airshows. I just wanted to share a couple images of the Warbirds that allow us the freedom we have today.

Click the images below to enlarge  🙂












Well, Wicked Willy didn’t really garner our freedom for us. He was cool tho!! Annnnd he outran the P-51 🙂

Scrub-Jay lotto…

I wanted to go to The North Brevard Strawberry Festival. Of course the weekend weather plummeted, turning cold and rainy, Johnny wasn’t too interested in going to the festival. He knew he would soon reap the benefits of strawberry preserves that I had intended on canning. While the Doral Golf tournament was on, he could stay cozy and not deal with traffic and people. Eden and utopia are closely matched in this scenario.

I decided that since I had already planned on going to the festival and now changed my mind, I still wanted to get out. There is a tiny road I see all the time, but I’ve never been down there. A sign says it’s Scrub Ridge Trail. Since it’s a side road within The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, I figured it had somethin to do with Scrub-Jays.

A cool little bird, it is THE ONLY bird endemic to Florida. This excerpt came from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology;

“A species that today numbers fewer than 6,000 individuals in the wild and that exists nowhere in the world outside of Florida. In a state whose human population has nearly quadrupled since 1960, the Florida Scrub-Jay has lost much of its choice scrub habitat to citrus groves and subdivisions.” 

My tangent on destruction of property to accomodate condo developers will come at a later date.

After I read that the hiking trail is only one mile, I knew that I could take my time and maybe see some stuff. What are the odds of me finding a Scrub-Jay in an area I don’t know?  Nil quickly came to mind. But I didn’t care. It was better than bein hemmed up in the apartment all day. Johnny decided if there wouldn’t be traffic and old ladies in funny hats, he was in for a hike.

15 minutes later, I was hopping out of the truck, with camera gear and Johnny in tow. There were two paths to pick from, and we chose the north path.

The first thing I noticed was there had been a recent controlled burn. Very recent.



The refuge has controlled burns often; I understand the concept to a point, but I can’t help but think it displaces wildlife and that’s where my confusion lies. But, that too is another suject for another day,

My heart sank when I saw the burnt palmettos. That, with the cold and rainy day made me think I shoulda stayed home and watched golf. We walked the back trail and saw nothing.  Egrets and ‘spoonbills farrrrrrrrr away, a couple of gator slides, and a 9 Banded Armadillo.


We went as far as we could before the ground turned to marsh. The rain wasn’t helpin. We circled back and at the fork, took the high road in. I silently hoped I made the right choice. I thought this had to lead to the truck, but if it didn’t, it would be fine. The marl was nice to walk on, and it was dry. About a 1/4 mile. Nothin. Then a Scrub-Jay appeared. On the right,



Then another. With breakfast even. BONUS!

Those two flew off to dine, and another came to the bush at my shoulder. Happy to pose for me, I shot a few images

Florida Scrub Jay.

I can’t believe our luck!  The only thing that topped that was I had picked the right road to get us back to the truck!  WINNING!!! What a great day!